Redfish And Sea Trout

Posted on by Captain John

Redfish and sea trout have been the target the past few weeks. Its been a good bite when the tide is moving and the wind is lower. We have had a few cold fronts and the water dropped for 71 to 65 degrees. The fish are moving with the tide over dark bottom. This dark bottom allows redfish and sea trout to warm up a bit. The dark bottom attracts the sun and can be 2 or 3 degrees warmer.

The best bite has been on the low and slow method. Jig tipped with shrimp in either brown or brown with gold have been most productive. There have been a few very warm days when a jerk bait like Rapala get some good strikes from larger sea trout. We have been seeing some 20-24 inch trout on the flat edge on outgoing tide.

There have been some snook around. We have found them on the dark bottom and edges of the oyster bars in the second bays back. Live shrimp or jigs have been productive. Careful accurate casting is needed to cast to these laid up snook. They spook easily. Snook have been pretty receptive to a properly presents fly. Baitfish pattern or shrimp pattern with do the trick. Make sure you don’t shoot over them or they will blow right out of there.

I want to just touch on one subject, RED TIDE. We do not have any red tide in the Ten Thousand Islands. Most of the red tide is north of Marco Island and has dissipated with the cooler water. So get on down to the water.

So to sum it up its been a good winter season this year and I see it sustaining through the spring. I still have a few days open in Feb and 10 day open in March. Come fish in one of the most beautiful spots in Florida. The Ten Thousand Islands is waiting for you.

Steve and his two sons had a banner day!!

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