Redfish and the Jerk Shad

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This week redfish and the jerk shad is the topic. I like using these soft baits when the water is a bit murky. I like the contrast of a darker color in murky water. Redfish on the jerk shad is the way to find reds along with other species. The Zman product is used by savvy anglers as the durability can sustain the lure after many bites from other critters.

Lady fish are notorious lure destroyers. Their sand paper mouth and wild antics rip up your presentation. Always check your leader after lady fish.

Using the jerk shad for redfish gives you the search ability you need. Since the water color does not always allow sight casting using a search bait gives you an advantage additionally I look for mangrove shorelines with structure. Oyster clumps and points are a good bet. Deeper bottom adjacent to flats and oyster bars are other areas. Redfish patrol. They are not an ambush predator like snook or sea trout. They roam these areas for baitfish, small crabs, shrimp, sea worms or anything that moves.

Make the move

Let’s get to the presentation. Just like anything that breaths, colder condition slow the organism down. Redfish are the same. Colder water you slow down. Easy slow retrieve with smooth tip action. Just small pops of the tip and don’t stop the motion. I have found this to be very productive but it’s ok to experiment and in a bit deeper water let it drop for 1 second. Remember first day after a cold front may not be best fishing. Either wait a day or postpone to later in the day especially if sun is out. It’s ok. Go have breakfast but leave at 10 or 11 if the tide works.

Don’t be afraid of changing colors. Firstly, the old adage about color selection is not always true.I like a purple color especially in off color water. The profile will stand out and the dented Zman jerk shad adds that little edge.

Capt. John

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