Marco Island Fishing

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Marco Island fishing and south has been right on target for this time of year. Snook have started moving to the outside or one bay in. Tarpon are showing and there’s more bait on the flats for redfish.

Snook fishing this time of year as well as other species are on the move making Marco Island fishing and south excellent. Presenting top water lures like the Rapala Skitter walk can lead to massive explosions. But remember to just keep reeling and working that lure until you come tight. Trying to hook a snook you will just pull it away. Let them come tight themselves. Early first light is the time to be on the water this time of year.

Redfish are still cruising the shore lines, hard bottom flats and patrolling the mangrove edge. The secret is to star 50 yards away and work your way quietly to your targeted area. Using paddle tails or jerk shads such as Zman can be deadly. Vary your speed and don’t be afraid of just bouncing above the bottom or structure. Look for some current as that is the conveyor belt of food. Search shore lines for cruising reds. Make sure you give a 10 ft lead in front of them.

When thing slow down about 9 or 10 am there are always speckled sea trout to fill in. The larger trout are in ambush mode. Points just out of the current or grass flats with sand pit holes are great areas. These bigger trout will be sitting in the grass waiting for a baitfish, crab or shrimp to move over that white sand and pounce from the protection they are in.

The important thing to take from this is that warmer days for Marco Island Fishing are here and the morning when the sun is low is time to target that trophy. Just try to have a little tide moving and you’ll be golden.

Capt. John Pfeiffer

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