Winter Negative Tides

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Winter negative tides can be some of the best fishing. Low clean water, cooler temps all make sight fishing more exciting. Snook and redfish look for the darker bottom where the sun warms up the water a bit more. The savvy angler understands even a one degree difference from surrounding water will hold fish. They seek it and will stay there until the adjacent area warms up. Take your time. If it chilly leave a bit later in the morning. Snook and redfish can be a little spooky in the skinny water so stop well before the flat and start long casts.
Low and slow presentation is essential to success. And don’t be afraid to drop down to lighter leader. I’ll drop from 30lb to 20lb during winter negative tides. But don’t be concerned. You will be on a flat and you will control the line just fine.

Remember to search the area slowly during winter negative tides. 10 ft forward at a time and you can cover the area by broad casting in an 180 degree arch. I like using Zman jerk baits or other small baitfish or shrimp presentations. No more than 1/8 oz as you need to be quite and just off the bottom. The tendency during negative tides is to move fast but truly you need to move slow and be methodical. Speckled trout especially upper slot and over love sitting right on the edge of these darker bottom areas and attack just as your presentation move over lighter bottom.

So in closing Winter Negative Tides can be to you advantage if you just follow the low and slow method.

Capt. John

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