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Tarpon, snook, and redfish are here in good numbers. The water temps are unseasonably high. We are usually fishing water in the mid 60’s this time of year. The water temp yesterday was 75 degrees.

Tarpon have started to show and if the water temp stays consistent we should see an increase in numbers. We have not had opportunity to try the buggy whip but we jumped an 80lb class on bait a few days ago. The bait is getting a bit bigger and that is the sign we need to see.

Snook are starting to show on the outside points. Top water plugs early in the morning have produced a few nice snook and it will get better, We had a bit of west wind yesterday and the water got murky. The strong moon tides did not help either. We are on the other side of the phase now and thing should settle in nicely. I suspect that the snook will start hitting suspended plugs and the action will be good. Also late afternoon and evening trips will also produce but all that is tide related.

Redfish are here but have been a little tough to get them to bite. I think the warm water temps has some fish confused but they will become more active. There is a small cool front coming through tonight and a slight drop in water temp could be a motivator. Redfish have a tough time resisting a big fat shrimp with a good presentation.

Speckled sea trout are still biting well. Jigs and Rapala Jerk Baits have produced some the largest trout seen in a few years. You have to figure them out. Trout are finicky and their pattern changes day to day. You find them and get them biting for an hour then like a light switch goes off they stop.

I still have a few days left open in March and will be running through  April here. Give me a call and we can chat about what you are looking to achieve. I’ll customize a trip for you and as always work hard to achieve your goal.

Here is nice gator trout caught by Pat. This day we released over 60 trout.

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