Fishing Negative Tides

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Fishing negative tides in winter is something you must do. Taking in account for wind and high pressure fishing negative tides can be your friend. If you look at some of my captain’s journal you will see low tide features in the background. Negative tides exposes shoreline, structure, drop offs and oyster bars. These are all features to take note of for flood tide conditions. In essence this fish have no where to go except along the depressions and deeper sides.

Working these areas slow and methodically. using search baits such as jerk shads or paddle tails will give you a good idea where the fish are staging. Work your way to your target area working the area 180 degrees every 10 feet. You are searching but slow and methodically.
Consider leaving the dock mid morning instead of early. Allow the sun ti warm the water up. Even 2 degrees makes a big difference. slso fishing the calmer areas during cool sesther is helpful. The wind adds more surface area and exposure to the cold air. Fishing negative tides will open up another world for you.

Naples, Marco Island and the Ten Thousand Islands present many opportunities no matter how low the tide is. You just have to take the time to learn. is your resource and I will answer your questions and advise you. Give me a call. A few dates in Jan and Feb are available.

Capt John

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