Fishing The Tides

Posted on by John

Fishing the tides is essential during the winter months. Snook, Redfish and Seatrout all like moving water. The time of day is only signifficant when a cold front comes through the area. It is then you mustb try to coordinate your time on the water with tide and sun. I have found if you are in the back like in the third bay back fishing the falling tide is best. Fishing the outside I like flood tide.

When the water cools look for darker bottom as that will absorb some heat from the sun. Even 2 degrees makes a huge difference in activity. Remember that low and slow is the ticket when temps drop. Fish are slower and presentaation is everything, Search baits like Zman Jerk Shads work best to find the fish. Then you can change up your presentation.

I have some dates left in january and February. Lets go fishing.

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