Fishing Is Hot South of Marco Island in The Ten Thousand Islands

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Fishing Is Hot in the Ten Thousand Islands. The weather has been cool but it has not deterred the bite at all. I have been leaving a bit later in the morning to allow the sun to warm up the flats. Spotted seatrout have been very cooperative. The old reliable jig tipped with shrimp has been the answer.

The redfish have been cruising the edges of flats and oyster bars and the darker bottom. The water has been quite clear so dropping to 2o and 15lb fluorocarbon leader has produced many more bites. Most of the reds have been eager to bite the jig and also just a shrimp when you get a shot at cruising fish.

Leaving a bit later in the morning has advantages. The flats warm up a bit and the fish become more active. If the cards line up with an outgoing tide that only makes it better. That warmer water that was in the backcountry can be as much as 6 degrees warmer. It’s all timing this time of year. Fishing the tides and not the clock is part of it but giving that extra couple hours after a cold front is the key. I look for dark bottom with grass and light color sandy bottom mixed in.

This next week will prove to be one of the best as the temps are going back to 80 degrees. The flats will come alive and reds, spotted seatrout, pompano, jacks and some sharks will be cruising.

The next couple months will be some of best the winter fishery has to offer. There will be days we may have to leave late but the fish are here in good numbers. The bookings are very strong right now but there are days open in between bookings. Lets go fishing. Give me a call and I’ll tailor a trip for you. Remember to take a kid fishing. Its a great time for bonding with grandkids or your daughter or son. These trips are memories you will cherish and maybe start a spark for another fishing adventure.

So give me a call, send an email or text me. Just a heads up I am on the water everyday. This means that I do not have a cell signal most of the day as I am in the Ten Thousand Islands.   So please leave a message and I will get back to you by the evening. It means something that I am out everyday on the water.


Capt. John




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